Anime and Work


Do you ever hear people talking about how anime is  just cartoons and for kids?  Well technically they are cartoons but made in japan but not all anime is meant for kids.  There are a number of anime series that are ok for children to watch, but there are  a few series that are meant for a much older crowd. I love all the genres of anime and wish people wouldn’t think its always for kids only.  Anime I think is better then american cartoons because cartoon animation doesn’t seem as good.  Personally I think there is nothing wrong with someone who is older then 40 (I myself am 25) who enjoys it.  If you like watching you should be allowed to watch without being judged.

So the other day, our store suffered a plastic bag shortage.  There was a lot of upset customers who didn’t like the thought of having to use paper and while I agree that paper can be frustrating to use as ours don’t have any handles, you also do  not need to take it out on us.  This is why whenever I plan to go shopping, I always try to bring in a reusable bag to work with me when I go shopping to avoid having to use paper should we be out of plastic.

Dear facebook parents who just have to post pictures of their babies all over facebook, Stop.  Does every single post you make have to be about the way you thought your baby laughing was cute or the fact that they made a mess over something?  Or even just a baby selfie? Yes I know you’re in love with your baby but not the rest of facebook feels this way.   And what’s up with using your baby’s face as your profile pic, what have you suddenly magically de-aged to the age of 6 months somehow? Please just to stick to a few after the birth and the rest on request please.

I had a customer who got really super close to me while i was doing an order.  She was close enough that I was afraid to back into her and so I stayed as close to the register as possible.  It has nothing to do with the person themselves, the problem is you should not be invading my personal bubble.  It personally makes me uncomfortable to have a customer who is right behind you.

Then there are the customers who once you’re half way (or in some cases completely done) finished bagging their things and they’re like “I have bags/I want paper bags”. I have to mentally groan.  I don’t want to be a bitch but please try to at least tell us your bag preferences before we start the order if you need it done a certain way.  It sucks when you are almost done with an order and suddenly you have to take everything out and rebag everything.

I recently finished watching the anime “Daily Lives of High School Boys”.  I liked the humor and randomness in the show and how they even had a  “High School Girls are Funky” segment at the end of each episode.  Some of the humor is funny and some of it you can predict what will happen. but thats why I liked it.  It’s nice if you’re looking for a comedy anime that doesn’t have much of a plot, just comedic scenes of everyday lives.

Thats all for now



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